Why Outsource

v Consistent quality with an end-to-end outsourced services offering makes us the ideal strategic outsourcing partner.  
v The availability of highly skilled English speaking workforce in India.  

Favorable policies of Indian government are also a huge advantage for foreign companies. Government is pulling a lot of FDI (foreign direct investment) into the country. Investing into India has become much easier. A special preference is given to the IT sector.

v Clients can focus on key - competencies by outsourcing the non-core competencies.  
v Outsourcing eliminates the need to hire additional in-house staff and train them.  
v This also eliminates the cost of $ salary, health/dental/life insurance, benefits and taxes to the employees, as admissible by US & European countries.  
v Turn around time for all the processes is reduced to 12 - hours. In short, we work while you sleep.  
v Extensive follow-up to secure payments from insurance companies, patients and guarantors yet you pay us only based on what gets into your bank account.  
v Through confidentiality contracts, encryption technology, & dedicated data lines, we adhere to highest confidentiality standards.  
v Even the infrastructure in India is improving tremendously attaining the world class standards.  
v Top quality resources at the most competitive price.